How to Grow Your Own Food

Container gardening: bringing some greenery to the concrete jungle

It’s been a while since y’all have heard from me.  I planned to get this post out at the end of last summer, but I went straight into my fall garden and work got busy. The content of this post is a bit off what this blog usually runs, but it’s the summation of my past year’s deep dive into the intersection of horticulture, technology, and personal sustainability.

The document below is a guide on how I went from 0-60 on a backyard container garden, and provides some advice for how you can do the same.  It was a beautiful experience taking my solid-concrete backyard and turning it into a kitchen garden. We were treated to fresh cut lettuce for months, juicy ripe cherry tomatoes, and an endless supply of fresh jalapenos that were all cut <15 minutes before usage.  Even if you don’t go to the extent I did, I highly recommend getting a window box for fresh herbs, or growing a few heads of lettuce.  The journey is half the fun, and eating your produce makes it all worthwhile.

The full post is available in a Google Doc, so click here to view it.  Due to the length and technicality, it’s much easier to read in docs format where you have a working table of contents with hyperlinks and everything.

An overview of the content:

  • What is Container Gardening?
  • Season Overview: Important Dates & Times
  • Supplies: Minimums to Get Started
  • Growing Season Lifecycle in Detail
    • Prep Work
    • Germination & Transplanting (starting seeds indoors)
    • Direct Sowing (starting seeds outdoors)
    • Growth Phase
    • Harvest
  • Additional Links/Resources

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