Friday Tech Policy Round-Up (1-22-2021)

A round-up of tech policy reads/podcasts I’ve been following throughout the week:

Section 230

Jennifer Huddleston on tech’s response to the Capitol Riots

Berin Szoka on why we need Section 230 more than ever

Prof. Eric Goldman’s Comments on the Protecting Constitutional Rights from Online Platform Censorship Act

Trump made a mess of tech policy. Here’s What Biden is inheriting

James Czerniawski’s Tweet Thread on 230 and 1A

Throwback: Cathy Gellis on A Case Where The Courts Got Section 230 Right Because It Turns Out Section 230 Is Not Really All That Hard

Throwback: Cathy Gellis on The First Hard Case: Zeran v. AOL And What It Can Teach Us About Today’s hard Cases [I read the two Gellis pieces this week while preparing for my recent talk w/Rep. Chris Cox. It’s always nice to revisit 230 history].


The EU Digital Services Act: What does the future hold?

Register for this Stanford Event on the EU DSA (ft. Daphne Keller)

Content Moderation

Venkat Balasubramani: Court Rejects Parler’s Demand That Amazon Host Its Services
[the point about the dangers of sole-source vendors was particularly interesting] BONUS READ: AT&T admits spam offense after contract exposed (2002)

Mike Masnick: Oversight Board Agrees to Review Facebook’s Trump Suspension

Karl Bode: ISP Blocks Twitter/Facebook to Protest Anti-Trump ‘Censorship’

Telegram shut down hundreds of public calls to violence

When Can a Politician Block Constituents?

Featured CoMo Case Study: Mastodon deals with an influx of Gab users

Bonus (Copyright)

Tyler Ochoa: A Short Summary of the CASE Act

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