Friday Tech Policy Round-up (1/15/2021)

A round-up of tech policy reads/podcasts I’ve been following throughout the week

Section 230

Section 230 Year-in-Review for 2020:

We need Section 230 now more than ever:

The future of Section 230 and internet speech after Trump:

Dear President Biden: You Should Save, Not Revoke Section 230:

People Who Understand Section 230 Actually Love It:

Section 230 Reform and Back to The Dystopian Future:

YouTube Isn’t a State Actor — Divino v. Google:

Content Moderation

Jack Dorsey Explains the Difficult Decision to Ban Donald Trump:
Bonus read: Mike Masnick’s Protocols not Platforms paper:

What the EU DSA/DMA proposals mean for online platforms [note: I disagree w/most of the article but it’s still a good summary of the two proposals]

CoMo Case Study: Yelp attempts to tackle racism on its platform (2020):

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