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There are two things I’ve always really admired about Santa Clara Law that I think makes us stand out among other law schools. 1. Our collaborative environment (which is normally strange for law school) and 2. How willing upper-year and alumni students are to give back and help us rising professionals succeed.

In an effort to keep that spirit alive, I put together a public Google Drive containing notes, briefs, outlines, and practice materials from myself and colleagues from our 1L year. I only included materials from the professors we had last year but if there are any 2Ls/3Ls out there that want to add to it, please feel free.

Though the drive is public and the resources are free, I do have one condition on your use of it: Please help the incoming students and rising professionals after you. Serve as good mentors and keep this special Santa Clara Law spirit alive.

I’ve also blogged about a few tough cases and topics from last year here:

Sullivan v. O’Connor
Expectancy, Restitution, Reliance
Consideration and Forbearance 
Illusory Contracts and the Concept of Mutuality 
Promissory Estoppel 
Compare/Contrast Unjust Enrichment Cases 
Nim Plastics 
Hammond’s Contracts Midterm (My Answer)

Mental Health: 
No, You’re Not Doing Law School Wrong
You Are Not Alone 
Dear 1L Jess

If you need anything, please feel free to reach out to me on any social media or email: miersjessica@gmail.com.

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