Rounding Up My External Legal Advocacy Work on SCOTUS Social Media Cases

One of the many aspects of my job at Chamber of Progress that I greatly enjoy is being on the front-lines again, advocating for the Internet and progressive tech policy. The recent SCOTUS social media cases (Gonzalez v. Google & Twitter v. Taamneh), presented my first opportunity, since I was at Google, to get back out there and fight for online speech and expression. With that, below is a recap of the many external advocacy moments I’ve had over the past few months on these monumental Internet Law cases.

I love speaking about these topics! For press / speaking inquiries, I can be reached at


Techdirt article on generative AI and Section 230 (forthcoming, Techdirt);

What to Expect as the Supreme Court Hears Gonzalez v Google (February 17, 2023, Medium Blog, Chamber of Progress);

Chamber of Progress Amicus Brief In Support of Respondent Google (January 19, 2023, SCOTUS, Chamber of Progress);

High Court Should Protect Section 230 In Google Case (January 19, 2023, Law360);

Letter to AG Garland Urging Support of Google in Gonzalez v. Google (November 21, 2022, Chamber of Progress);

Press Hits

AI chatbots may have a liability problem (March 1, 2023, Washington Post);

The ‘Henderson test’ could weaken Big Tech’s favorite law and change free speech on the internet (February 25, 2023, CNBC);

Le test Henderson pourrait affaiblir la section 230 (February 25, 2023, News 24);

Could Musk’s cuts open Twitter to lawsuits over terrorist content? (February 23, 2023, Washington Post);

Can YouTube be held liable for pushing terror vids? Asking for a Supreme Court… (February, 22, 2023, The Register);

Supreme Court questions Twitter’s liability for terrorist attack (February 22, 2023, Washington Post);

IS THIS THING ON? (February 21, 2023, Politico);

Google’s $168 Billion Online Ad Business at Risk in Court Case (February 17, 2023, Bloomberg Law);

How the Supreme Court could soon change free speech on the internet (January 30, 2023, CNBC);


Tech Policy Press Podcast on Section 230 and Generative AI (forthcoming, Tech Policy Press);

The Lawfare Podcast: Does Section 230 Protect ChatGPT? (March 9, 2023, Lawfare Blog);

Techdirt Podcast Episode 345: The Supreme Court Takes On 230 (March 1, 2023, Techdirt);

Panels & Other Speaking Opportunities

Gonzalez v. Google at the Supreme Court (March 2, 2023, Cato Institute);

Emerging Issues in Technology & Judicial Committees Lunch and Learn (February 24, 2023, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP, Federal Communications Bar Association);

Glen Echo Press Briefing on Gonzalez v. Google / Twitter v. Taamneh (February 22, 2023, Glen Echo Group);

Gonzalez v. Google: Debriefing Oral Arguments (February 22, 2023, Internet Law Student Organization at Santa Clara Law);

Chamber of Progress Press Briefing on Gonzalez v. Google (February 21, 2023, Chamber of Progress);

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