Internet Law & IP Survey

Internet Law | Fall 2019 (Goldman)

When you have the opportunity to take a law school class with the world’s leading expert in the field/thought-leader, you take it. For obvious reasons, this was hands-down my favorite and the most valuable course I’ve taken in law school. Not only will you cover all of the important topics in Internet law, but you’ll also take away tons of valuable lessons on how to be a great lawyer in general.

This course is challenging, but everything you need to succeed on the final exam is found in the casebook, slides, and the lectures (yes – attendance is mandatory both procedurally…but also substantively). If your final exam answer doesn’t include Section 230 and the DMCA 512 safe harbor, you will fail. There’s no hiding the ball – success is fairly easy to achieve – just put in the time.

FWIW, I got an A in the course and received a Witkin Award so I believe my materials should be beneficial. Fair warning: because my entire career and area of expertise centers around Internet law and intermediary liability issues (Section 230), my outline is incredibly extensive. You’ll notice cases not covered in lecture or the casebook (but they are covered on Prof. Goldman’s blog!) With that, my exam answer might go beyond what’s necessary to be successful:

Fall 2019 Outline
Fall 2019 Exam Question
Fall 2019 Exam Answer (mine)

Sample exams (take all of them and you’ll start to notice patterns!)
Prof. Goldman’s Technology and Marketing Law Blog (super valuable resource in general)

IP Survey | Fall 2019 (Ochoa)

This was another one of my favorite courses that also provided a ton of value in both my academic and Internet law careers. If you have the option to take this course with Prof. Ochoa, I STRONGLY urge you to do so. Yes, the course is hard. Yes, I have no idea how someone can literally recite entire lectures and rattle off intricate case law and rules by sheer memory without slides or lecture materials (the dude is BRILLIANT). Yes, you’re going to learn a ton.

To be successful, you must attend class (mandatory), take diligent notes (there are no slides), and stay up on the reading. It might help to actually develop an interest in each of the IP areas as well (though I, to this day, despise patent law). Take the practice exams that he will make available near the middle of the semester.

I’m told I would have received an A in this course. Unfortunately, the first few weeks of patent law scared me into switching to Pass/No Pass. Regardless, I think my materials for this class are pretty strong. Note: my outline was just an attack outline that I built using another student’s outline from 2015 + my notes from the review session:

Student Outline (Warning: dated 2015)
Attack Outline (mine)
Prof. Ochoa’s SSRN (some fascinating reading here if you’re generally interested)

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