What’s New With ILSO Spring 2020


This semester, the SCU Internet Law Student Organization (ILSO) is shifting our focus to professional development. You came here to get a job – we’re here to help. Here’s how:

New Slack Workspace (Professional Development Goal: Networking)

All ILSO student members should have received a link last week to join our new Slack workspace. To cut down on law school email spam and to provide you with exclusive professional development opportunities, ILSO has created a dedicated environment for our student members.

Why should you join? Besides having a nerdy place to banter about Internet and Privacy law topics, the ILSO slack provides channels dedicated to on the fly internship and job updates as they become known to our network (usually passed to us by our faculty advisor). Though these opportunities will also appear on our job board, student members that join the Slack workspace will be instantly notified and possibly even paired with the right point of contacts to get your resume seen.

Along with the jobs channel, student members can also engage in our CIPP and Privacy channels (partnered with the Privacy Law Student Organization). This is an awesome space to form study groups and share study resources.

Last (but not least!) student members will also have the opportunity to volunteer for internal and external events (ILSO, fundraising, Bay area, etc.). These opportunities will be solicited through the Slack workspace first.

Newsletter (Professional Development Goal: Writing and Publication)

Last semester, we launched our first ILSO newsletter with the intention to give ILSO student members a space to write about any topics that interest them related to the field (which can literally be anything!). This semester, we’re bringing the newsletter back and soliciting more student publications.

Why should you participate? Written work makes you stand out especially in the technology policy field. Think about it. We all have grades, a resume, and networking skills for days. But, at least from my own experience, what’s always set me apart for potential employers is my passion for the field exhibited by my increasing body of work. Writing for the ILSO newsletter is a great place to start and an awesome addition to your professional portfolio. ILSO has also cultivated a large network among Silicon Valley professionals, so the newsletter is another great way to showcase your blog and other written work.

We accept all ILSO student members and almost any topic loosely relating to Internet, privacy, or tecnology policy. By joining the Slack workspace, members will also have access to our newsletter channel, moderated by our content manager.

Brown Bag Lunch Series (Professional Development Goal: Speaking and Presenting)

This semester, ILSO (in partnership with PLSO) is launching a bring-your-own brown bag lunch speaker series featuring amazing guest speakers (YOU). In your professional careers, there will be many times where you’ll be asked to present on the progress of your work or demonstrate/explain challenging topics to diverse audiences. This is your opportunity to practice those skills in a safe environment, free from judgment. Not to mention, this is a fantastic way to show off what interests you, your research, or a work in progress. Learn something new from your peers or teach us something about a topic that fascinates you.

More information regarding our first presentation will be circled soon. We accept all ILSO student members and any topics. By joining the Slack workspace, members will have access to our brown bag channel to request a speaking opportunity.

Resume Book (Professional Development Goal: Getting  a Job!!!!!)

Last semester, ILSO created a resume book that was circled to potential employers here in the Bay. We’re proud to announce we’ve already seen success. This semester, we’ll be building a new resume book, this time with some mandatory guidelines, and circling to our networks.

Stay tuned for our announcement to collect resumes (we’ll be circling around the guidlines then too).

We appreciate all of our student members and are always excited to welcome more. Joining ILSO is free and available to all SCU Law Students. Contact internetlaw@scu.edu to become a member or request another Slack invite link.



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