Relevant Works

Comments and Edits Provided as a Research Assistant to Prof. Eric Goldman

Why Section 230 is Better Than the First Amendment

Copyright’s Memory Hole

Letter to the California Legislature re California Consumer Privacy Act

Internet Law: Cases and Materials 2019 Course Reader

Internet Immunity and the Freedom to Code

Presentation on Section 230 and Content Moderation

Amicus Brief of Cybersecurity Law Professors in Enigma Software v. Malwarebytes

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion Enigma Software v. Malwarebytes (I’m mentioned as a student contributor to the above amicus brief)

Published and Co-Authored Work

Boosting Patentee Diversity By Relaxing the Technical Barriers to Patent Bar Membership

Behind our masks: The problem with hiding our problems

Why Can’t Internet Companies Stop Awful Content

The future for Internet law attorneys: Finding solutions that won’t ruin your client

Copyright vs. innovation: How expanding copyright protections for APIs could undermine the future of the web

TEDx Santa Clara University

Section 230: What You Don’t Know Might Destroy the Internet

Work w/TechFreedom

TechFreedom Memo to House Section 230 Hearing – 10.16.2019

Lindsey Graham’s Sneak Attack on Section 230 And Encryption: A Backdoor To A Backdoor?


1L Gets Statutory Tattoo and It’s Awesome

Funny Criminal Law Halloween Present

HTLI Spring 2019 E-News (I write about the May 2019 Tech Edge J.D. trip to Seagate, plus a shoutout to the SCU Internet Law Student Organization and a mention of my TEDx talk).

Jess Miers on Section 230 and the Internet: I talk about Section 230 on Brian L. Frye’s show.

Law Students Do The Darndest Things

Amicus Brief – Supreme Court of the United States: Georgia et al. v.

The Girl with the Tech Law Tattoo