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Welcome to Ctrl-Alt-Dissent; a blog about law school, Silicon Valley, Technology, and Millenialism. We’re 20-something law and tech nerds that got married, moved to California, and jumped in head first into the crazy world that is Silicon Valley. Will we sink or swim? Who knows – but we might as well try.

Jess Miers (Email: miersjessica@gmail.com | Twitter: @jess_miers)

In her previous career, Jess was a software and systems engineer. She graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Computer Science. After realizing that her extroverted, fiery, personality was no fit for sitting in a cubicle 8 hours/day coding, she decided to pursue a law degree at Santa Clara University School of Law.

Jess is a passionate advocate for the Internet. Her research and scholarship are dedicated to Internet law, content moderation, and Section 230. At SCU Law, Jess founded the Internet Law Student Organization; an organization dedicated to getting students excited about the field of Internet law. She spends most of her free time blogging, writing, and speaking about Section 230 and the Internet.

This blog captures most of Jess’ law school experience and some of her early Internet law musings. For her more serious scholarship on Section 230 and Internet law, check out her medium blog. She also occasionally blogs about law school at the ABA For Law Students blog.

During her law school career, Jess was a legal intern at Twitter and TechFreedom. She was also a Research Assistant to her mentor (and personal hero) Professor Eric Goldman. During her 2L summer, Jess was a Research Associate for the UCLA Institute for Technology, Policy and Law. Currently, Jess is a full-time Policy Specialist at Google. Her writing and opinions expressed here and on her medium blog are her own and not reflective of her past or current employers.

Alex Handley (Email: ahandley00[at]gmail.com, Twitter: @ahandley00)

Alex started as an IT intern in high school, taught himself how to code Python, worked on space networking with NASA, did ~1.95 BS degrees in CS and Applied Math, and ended up in the Bay Area pursuing an Online Masters in CS from Georgia Tech.

After a ~2 year stint as a software engineer for Google Core Developer, he moved to a position as a Technical Infrastructure engineer for Wing (Alphabet’s drone delivery company).  He spends most of his time building out the plumbing and automation required to manage massive fleets of sky robots that deliver burritos, medicine, library books, and even spare rolls of TP.

Outside of work, Alex is an avid hiker and gardener, an electric vehicle enthusiast, and an amateur maker (3d printing, woodshop, etc.)  His contributions to this blog attempt to demystify technology, break down barriers to entry, and make it accessible for everyone.

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