Welcome to Ctrl-Alt-Dissent; a blog about law school, Silicon Valley, Technology, Imposter Syndrome, and Millenialism. We’re 20-something law and tech nerds that got married, moved to California, and jumped in head first into the crazy world that is Silicon Valley. Will we sink or swim? Who knows -but we might as well try.

Jess Miers:
Software and Systems Engineer, 1L at Santa Clara University School of Law, and Internet Law geek. My CIPP/US also gives me some privacy street cred. I aim to bridge the technical and legal gaps between engineers and counsel. Topics of interest: content moderation and free speech, section 230 (derivative/intermediary liability), privacy and Internet ethics, net neutrality, e-commerce and marketing/advertising (keyword/SEO), online copyright/left, trademarks (domain names/cybersquatting), online contracts, memes (yes, memes), emojis, and all things social media. I plan to blog the interesting and trickier law school cases and topics I come across these next three years in an effort to aid in my own self-study (outlines are boring) and help (or enlighten) fellow law students, techies, and anyone that may just be curious about the trials and tribulations of procuring a legal education. Reach out to me about anything at miersjessica@gmail.com or Twitter: @jess_miers

Alex Handley:
Software engineer (SWE) at Google Cloud BTD (Build-Test-Deploy). I have a passion for spreading education and acceptance of good technology practices not just to other engineers, but to everyone. I started as an IT intern in high school, taught myself how to code in Python, worked on space networking with NASA, built some mobile apps, did about 150 credits of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, and ended up with a full time coding job to show for all of it. Topics of interest: software engineering, distibuted computing, applied mathematics (making computers do math for me), electric vehicles, remote-control aircraft, UAV’s, makerspaces, and building interesting things. I plan to write a mix between educational content and commentary on new innovations in tech. Everyone should know the basics of logic, algorithms, and coding so my goal is to show people it’s not nearly as scary as those topics sometimes sound. I can be reached at ahandley00@gmail.com or on Twitter: @ahandley00

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